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Communication Skills


Communication skill can give a competitive advantage to an organization. We provide training in a multiple aspects of communication: from enhancing the presentation skills of your marketing staff to negotiation skills of your senior executives using event formats like training sessions and workshops involving role plays, group discussions.

  • Some of our fast selling communication training programs include:
  • Email and Social Media Communication Etiquette
  • Marketing, Employee, and Corporate Communication
  • Accent Reproduction, Fluency and Articulation for Customer Support Staff
  • Visual Communication for Marketers
  • Writing and Presentation Skills
  • Digital Communication
  • Workplace and Team Communication
  • Business English
  • Body Language and Nonverbal Communication
  • Communication skills come from good habits like listening. All our communication training programs come embedded with habit-altering insights into factors like establishing psychological connection with audience, paraverbal means of tone, pitch and pacing of voices, suspending judgment, evaluation, and approval for better listening, body language like eye-contact, gestures, and postures, giving feedback using paraphrasing techniques, handling semantic issues, and inter-personal skills that help participants identify blocks and enhance their performance.

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We provide end-to-end recruitment services that comprise: job analysis & design for the purpose of documenting the actual or intended requirements of jobs and for creating job descriptions and specifications; sourcing and matching candidates to job recruitments; induction and onboarding of new employees.

Using HR techniques and software, we conduct psychometric and personality tests to ensure that we acquire only qualified and high performing people and team for your organization. Partner with us to identify best prospects.

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