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Working at Laayak What does Human Capital mean to us?

At Laayak our philosophy for developing Human Capital is to recruit talented and committed individuals, who demonstrate skill and innovation in solving crises and provide solutions.

We believe in commitment and smart work. We offer a supporting work environment which values, encourages, nurtures innovation, creativity, leadership, Integrity and provides challenges and opportunities for individuals to prove their worth.

Laayak, most valuable resource is our Human Capital and we do everything possible to make our people more productive and grow as top notch professionals.

We seek individuals who have a passion to handle crises and provide innovative solutions which will add value to our portfolio. We value talent, professional acumen, and ability to work with teams. Does this sound like you? If so, there may be a place for you at Laayak

Top 5 Reasons to Work at Laayak


If you like being a true Officer and want to be a part of a support development team, then Laayak will offer you a fulfilling and rewarding career.


At Laayak you will have an opportunity to learn from experienced leaders which will enrich your life both from a professional and personal perspective.


We value Human Capital. Laayak considers Human Capital as its most valuable resource and offers a competitive compensation package that includes benefits such as health & life insurance, Gratuity etc.


At Laayak, we offer a hi-tech work environment and a fun-loving work culture under one roof!

What's it like to work at Laayak?

Working at Laayak demands exceptional thinking ability and technical expertise, and we do everything to facilitate it: Working in small teams which will enable individuals to be heard. At Laayak, you will always get the resources you need to make your dreams a reality.